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According to various sources…


according to various sources…


stuart roberts : head of content at future content, bristol

“Her work isn’t just good, it’s fantastic: brilliantly researched, and explained with clarity and personality. The work is consistently delivered on time, and her communication is excellent, both with myself, the clients and other writers. A joy to work with. If I could clone her I would.”


callum dunbar: head of copy at future content, bristol

“Emma has been my go-to proofreader for as long as I can remember. Consistent, flexible and easy to work with, Emma offers faultless attention to detail and 100% reliability. What more could you ask for?”


jamie knights: former online editor at itp publishing, dubai

“Emma has a great eye for quality off-diary stories, particularly in a challenging climate where language barriers and cultural differences can make the smallest job a tough one.”