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Written projects naturally vary in scope, but £0.25 per word - inclusive of research time - is a good guide.

A note on giving up the ghost (writing) : Having provided client content across a diverse range of industries for the past few years, I am focusing on my own written projects for a range of print & online publications in 2019.

However, I remain open-minded about collaboration with ethical & sustainable brands in a copywriting capacity. As such, complete ‘strategy, story, social’ packages are still available upon request.


Emma is a PQB qualified proofreader, accredited with the Publishing Training Centre. She has over eight years professional and freelance experience of proofreading documents for print and web: from product catalogues and marketing material, to feature length articles, white papers, corporate reports and ebooks. 

Smaller jobs are charged at £30.00 per hour. For more complex projects, a day rate may be more appropriate.